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Our dedicated team are professionals in the field of Instagram growth and are dedicated to ensuring that your IG sees the organic growth it needs via a targeted base of followers which, in turn, leads to maximizing the success of your IG.

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Julia Bhasin
Store Owner
At first I was sceptical. I thought it would be "some random" followers who are bots or just not interested in my product, but... Whoalla these guys really rock.. Now not only are followers growing but I got some really nice sales!

3 Easy Steps to Get Started


Sign Up

Enter all necessary info, like your name, IG account name, email address, and IG account password (it’s all secured!). Then, provide us with any relevant marketing information, like what type of followers you want to target, who your competitors are, your target hashtags, and what type of engagement you want.


Account Manager Assigned To You

Your Followfox team consists of two people! An IG Growth Expert who will take action on your account and an Account Manager. Your Account Manager is your go-to person for any questions and changes you want to make to your plan, like upgrading.


Watch Your Account Grow

From your personal dashboard, you’ll monitor detailed analytics on how your account is growing. You can check the numbers by week, month, or year. You can see exactly who has started following you, the number of posts, followers, and accounts you’re following. You can update your marketing strategy, targeted hashtags, and accounts to engage with.

How it works

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Real Followers

FollowFox will ensure that followers engage directly with your posts (no bots!) - including likes and comments from people who are really interested!

Works in 2021

Dissimilarly to our competitors, our growth strategy is built to promote your page using the latest trends,

Listen & Understand

We listen to you and your needs, understand your account, and find the appropriate followers.

Follow IG Rules

We stay within the limits and regulations Instagram sets.

Human-Power Only

No bots. No gimmicks. No illegitimate tactics.

Analyze & Pivot

Your IG Growth Expert and Account Manager will monitor your growth and suggest a change in tactics if you’re not getting results.


Your customer dashboard gives you detailed analytics on growth, followers, and posts.

24/7 Support

We have a distributed team all over the world, so you’ll likely be able to reach someone whenever you want, no matter your time zone.